Your Music Is Sacred

Your music is sacred, not only to you, to many of your fans. Playing every night at local bars, clubs, and venues is the greatest. You capture new fans, you sell your CDs, and when the lights go dim you feel really great, a really great show.

Next Step -- Capturing a larger fan base, selling more CDs and getting a record contract.

The big word is be careful....Getting a Record Contract is the most exciting milestone a musician can reach. Think....there are many types of record contracts out there and you do not want to sell your soul. If you become a one hit wonder, what will you do, if you win a Grammy, what will you do.. Winning a Grammy will cost you more money than you realize. You must pay for the accepting the Grammy, you pay for performing on the
Grammies, more caution drink coffee only, do not get caught up wth the free drugs.

There is one way you can get your music out to the world without dealing with record contracts that macs just like a politician. There is no cost involved.

These independent music websites will play your music and all you have to do is join and get your fans to vote for your music. One of our own musicians, living here in Albuquerque has not only received awards for her music, she has captured a world wide audience. This is just for getting her music out independently.

Where do you start: - Join for free. get your music charted.. Join for Free